Campton Parks and Open Space

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

- Aristotle


Campton's greatest appeal has always been its countryside, its people, its traditions of rural life. Those elements all come together in our township's Park and Open Space programs.

Dedicated to preserving Campton's natural beauty, these two Township initiatives consist of citizens and local government working together to enhance and enrich our community.

Campton Township's Anderson Park on Brown Road was dedicated in 1997. Located at 4N930 Brown Road, St. Charles, the park offers 50 acres of baseball and softball diamonds, batting cages, a soccer field, a fitness trail, washrooms, a picnic pavilion, and a link to Illinois' Great Western Trail. The park's hillside overlooks the playing fields and the surrounding countryside; in winter, the park and its slopes are open for sledding and cross-country skiing.

Anderson Park on Brown Road was developed by using developer land/cash donation through Kane County. The park's development was achieved through donation of time and materials by township residents, DNR grants, and a portion of land/cash donation funds.

But the Park is just one part of Campton's committment to its land and heritage. In 2001, our township's voters approved the creation of the Campton Township Open Space Plan to purchase land for public use and protect it from development. Currently, the Township has approved holding a voter referendum on the proposed Open Space Plan II, which will appear on the ballot for the April 5, 2005 election.

In 2002, under Campton's existing Open Space Plan, acreage belonging to the Corron family farm became the first purchase under the Open Space Plan, protecting this treasured piece of Campton history for generations to come.

Since its inception, the Open Space Plan has preserved over 700 acres of land as public open space.


Want to help preserve Campton's natural beauty and open space? Visit our new Open Space Volunteers Page!

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